Cheesy Beards


“Flog my jollyboat” – Old Black Ollie

Meet the captain and owner, Old Black Ollie. He will surely hook you!

Cheesy Beards is a wonderful and fun place to bring the family with its pirate-theme and hospitable employees. Customers are greeted with the usual “Arrgh ye ready to be seated?”

Cheesybeards began in 1997 first as the casual dining fondue restaurant “Cheesy and Easy” but as the fad quickly faded and new owner Ollie inherited the business through a series of strange coincidences, a pirate theme was adopted and land lubbers everywhere began to seek burger booty and tasty appetizARRRS.

Cheesybeards, Inc. is required by court order to state that contrary to previous claims, Cheesybeards did not in fact invent garlic fries.

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