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  1. Kostja

    <3 <3 <3

  2. TwinkertheScout

    Talk Like A Pirate Day is on September 21st!! … I think? =)

  3. Rikki

    sexy 😉

  4. XavanQ

    Pretty much says it all! I just can’t understand why no one comes in. If not for the food then the show. Cheer up, Pirate’s day is coming up. Rrrrrrrr

  5. Christi

    O…M…G…W…T…F… Can we say do-over?!

  6. Cat Osbourne

    This is the most brilliant piece of work I’ve ever seen. Can I contact the restaurant directly if I want to hire the young, feather-haired man for a project I’m working on? I’ll give him back only slightly beaten and maybe with a little permanent brain damage, but it’ll be good for his career!

  7. Kira-Kira

    Taste my pirate patty?!!?!

    What is that young feather-haired woman trying to insinuate! D<

  8. Foxhound

    I always knew Finn Smulders was gay


    that commercial its from the series THE GUILD
    thats here i found about this thingy xP

  10. donth77

    TwinkertheScout, International Talk Like A Pirate Day is this Sunday 9/19.

    But doesn’t this restaurant celeberate this holdiay everyday?

  11. T

    that commercial can walk the plank! Aaaarrrr.

  12. Tevye

    Hilarious. I expected Cyd to make this cool looking commercial when she mentioned Bladezz editied it the night before I said “oh crap.” But this commercial is priceless. I would go.

  13. Ren Corvus

    Man…that Cheesybeards spokesperson/pirate guy when he was speaking in a non-pirate voice and removed his bandanna and eyepatch, reminded me a lot of that model known as Finn Smulders…and I am positive that the tennis player patron in the commerical, WAS Finn Smulders! Kinda scary.

  14. Ren Corvus

    Re: BLABLA’s comment.


    You mean Cheesybeards and its commercial spokesperson have a TV series and its called “the Guild” ?

    That makes no sense…what kind of guild is it? A pirate guild? A fast food merchant guild?

    Whoever heard of a restaurant having its own tv series or web series?

    *A confused patron of Cheesybeard’s restaurant*

  15. Chris

    Well, the food is septic, the place is difficult to find and open at irregular hours, and the manager creeps me out a little.
    But you gotta admire Finn Smulders’s acting chops in this commercial, if nothing else.
    Why, he really managed to look at home in that kitchen, just as if he actually used to work there flippin’ burgers for a living.
    Wait, what?

  16. CDT Weasle

    Sucked me in. Then, I blew chunks. Don’t do it… unless you like Garrrrlic Fries.

  17. Edge


  18. Jesse

    That does it, I’m going there tonight

  19. Saoirse

    I wonder if they have a special for talk like a pirate day. I dunno about going in though, the food looked kinda grungy. And the editing could probably use some work too.

  20. Matthew Hartmann

    Avest ye maties!

    Arrr I want me grog please.

  21. Englebert

    Argh! That food be looking mighty high in cholesterol. Avast ye arteries!

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  23. Dean

    If only there were more real pirates like Finn Smuulders.

  24. burgers_ahoy

    this commercial looks like a grog-dazed orangutan made it

  25. Havoc Master

    Have ya heard about the new pirate movie coming out?

    It’s rated Aaaaarrrrrr!

  26. Nightshade

    wow…. I love the Guild. Bladezz is hilarious…. for any Zaboo fans: bookmark’d

  27. Addie

    This kind of raped my mind. O.O

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  29. poop


  30. bob marley jr

    I recognize the music from… is it ‘this is the only level’, or the second? Or is the game ‘achievement unlocked’ or (of course), the second? Or all the games? IDK, but good game.

  31. Chris

    Taste my pirate patty.. .EPIC!

  32. Dexter

    If Cheesybeards really existed and they had a commercial this epic, I would eat there EVERY DAY.

  33. CheeseHam

    How’s it taste?

  34. Haru

    OMG!! I love the guild *w*, especialy this comercial xDD

  35. asdfa

    OMG There is a real website, hahaha awesome 😀

  36. Thomas DeRamus


  37. Cap'n Vic

    Ahoy there Admiral Thomas!!!!!!!! AAAAARRRGGGGHH!! Would love to see Sheldon here.
    *knock knock Codex?… knock knock Codex?… knock knock Codex?
    Hmmmmm….the word knock just doesn’t look right now….

  38. jellyfisha

    horrible food, cooked by sleepy looking feather haired kid

  39. Jessica

    I love this commercial. Vince is too funny. I think from the reviews, I’ll steer clear of this place. The food looks faarrrr from good.

  40. ObviouslyNotBladezz69


  41. Finn Smulders

    finnsmulders is on Instagram! Check it out

  42. Mack

    i wonder if cheesybeards went under

  43. JARVIS

    I wonder if there are any Cheesy Beards shirts available…

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