Cheesy Beards

Guestbook 2

Have you reviewd us favorably at this link?

Also fill out our new guestbook and let us know what you think of our establishment. Matey.

276 Responses to “Guestbook 2”

  1. mollie

    i ate some garrrlic fries and my boyfriend won’t kiss me anymore! :(

  2. Robert

    HI :D

  3. kaht

    Guestbook 2? Who does that? o.O

  4. Dean

    Call me old fashioned, but I miss the original Guestbook.

  5. kaht

    I wonder if Codex was smart enough to protect her page from injection…

    window.onload = function () {
    alert(“Cheesy Beards sucks!”);

  6. kaht

    Wow, I should have given you more credit! You had me fooled thinking you were a novice webmaster!

  7. Dean

    I really like the burgers here since the new fry cook started working, though I notice business has slumped off a lot since then. Just one question. Was I supposed to eat the tail?

  8. b0bkatt

    Your hours of operation suck! Thursday’s you’re not even open for lunch. Can’t you get that lazy feathered hair kid out of beard to work?

  9. BadEnoughDude

    The nautical experience was so authentic, I was seasick after my meal!

  10. kirsten

    Although I was taken to my table by knife point and then asked to pay in “gold coins” I was completely and underly satified with the experience at cheesy beards and in no way shape or form being forced to write this review by threat of killing my goldfish. i will gladly and not forcfully recommend cheesy beards to all of my friends. and may I stress once again stress that I was never and am not black mailed into writing this at all.

  11. Ravaga

    Thank you Codex for leading me to this terrific establishment! Om nom nom!

  12. Keeta

    You know, it’s important for companies to have a internet base…but regrettably, this site says nearly nothing about the restaurant. Where is this place? not that I’d go based on the reviews… D8

  13. Neko

    I went there tonight and I think the food is tasting better than it normally does (no hairs!). I was actually able to eat my food this time without having a horrible taste left in my mouth. Maybe they gave the cook a raise…he seemed pretty happy.

  14. Dean

    I invented garlic fries.

  15. Bill

    About a week or so ago I went into this establishment to get a Booty Burger, but they took forever to get the order done.

    So I sneaked into the kitchen area to find out what the hell was taking so long, seeing as I was the only customer and what did I find, a long-hair greasy kid who looked strangely like this crap gay model called Finn Smulder playing bowling with a Chicken. I promptly left

  16. Alex V

    You guys are amazing. Tell Clara I said hi, Cyd. Tell Bladezz to quit his job. Tell Vork to pwn noobs. Tell Tink to stop being such a jerk. Tell Zaboo to find a different girl to love.

  17. Amanda K

    I was excited for the theme at Cheesybeards, but the workers other than Ollie need to act more pirate-y. The creativity of the food names is cool except when it sounds gross (Syphilis and Scallops – WHY?!?).
    But yeah, food was average at best. I go for the garrrrlic fries.

  18. Nick

    Overall, a great experience. Even though I had to “walk the plank” after I sent back my burger, and the bathroom was just a whole in the ground. The food really did taste like pirates made it. I am also astonished on how lovely the owner of the establishment was to let me walk out alive. Thanks guys, I will definitely recommend.

  19. Christi

    OMFG!!! That is SO cute! I’ll have to start researching every little mention from now on!

  20. oldenover

    I loved the Arrrgggburger and Garrrrrrlic Fries!!! My date however spent the rest of the night moaning AARRGGG in the bathroom.


  21. Mikina

    alert(“Cheesy Beards sucks!”);

  22. Mikina

    alert(“Cheesy Beards sucks!”);

  23. Ren Corvus

    Ok…so …I came back to give the place a second try and I must agree with some of the other customers…if that redheaded lassie in the back continues to work there, I might keep coming back just to get a glimpse of her…that being said…love the website you cute redheaded lassie…

    Ok….will you go out with me now? Somehow I think the answer is still no…

  24. Chelsea Chapman

    Was so enamored with the staff that I am ordering my Cheesybeards shirt now to do my part in advertising this amazing establishment!

  25. Callisto Phalan

    My family and I recently wandered into your establishment to enjoy a themed lunch. We love pirates ^_~ And well- it just wasn’t the experience or the quality we were expecting. Your employee morale is lackluster at best. As soon as we walked through the door, we were greeted by the hostess who couldn’t have cared less about her job and then again we got the same type of treatment from our waitress! Plus, my two-year old can cook better than whoever it is in your kitchen. Sadly, all we were offered at the table were three plates full of grease and char. Your staff’s morale definitely needs an overhaul. I mean, yes, your job sucks, but have at least some pride in what you do! It could always be worse. You could be mucking around in sewage all day and coming home at night stinking to high heaven… Blargh >_<

  26. Piper

    Are you hiring? I’ve applied at every other dump in this stupid town and this is the only place left. I have no problem with ignoring people, procrastinating, being rude, and love to watch people suffer from eating awful food! (makes me giggle when they get bubble guts!) Therefore I know I will fit in perfectly! I don’t really feel the need to attach my resume since I just told you that I can do what all the rest of your dumb employees do. SOOOOOOO, I’ll start monday ok?! P.S. I will need my paycheck in advance…I need a new laptop….


    I like turtles.

  28. Kentis


  29. Rapitan

    I have to say…,

    The Menus at Cheesy’s Beards are Really Clean.

  30. Chris

    I thought a pirate themed restaurant would be all about file sharing and downloading, but it turns out that you don’t even have Wi-Fi at your establishment?

    Shame on you.

  31. Tallulah Kitten

    cheeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D gimmie CHEEESE!!!! :)

  32. Doug Johnson

    Even if the didn’t invent Garlic Fries, they sure are tasty.

  33. Haara

    lolol ;] garrrrrrrlick fries.

  34. Sherlina

    I can’t wait to check this place out. Great job with the website.

  35. Judith

    OMG, I soooooooooooo wanted shrimp in cocktail sauce!

  36. Vector Hampton

    Someone call Gordon Ramsay. I think we have a kitchen nightmare.

  37. Nycole

    Um, you should probably put a disclaimer on your menu that the “Syphilis and Scallops” comes with REAL Syphilis! I’m allergic to penicillin, so treatment has been rather costly.

  38. Celia

    I need a job pretty bad. I’m a real hARRRd worker, you hiring?

  39. Fletchale

    I didnt get my free epic toy with the combo meal i bought!

  40. Lehmi

    Aaaarrgghhh! Me timbers are fallin from the garrrlic fries!!

  41. Lizzi

    This is awesome! I love the show. Me and my sister both laughed at the names you have given your food. They are very amusing and brightened our day conisderably! ;)

  42. Tank

    My favorite’s the Pu-Pu Deck Platter! I loves me some Pu-Pu!!!

  43. Jim

    Codex, will you marry me?

  44. Heather Nicole

    Your chef is gorgeous. And amazing. And I wish I were your web mistress.

  45. Chrysta

    Do you have franchise opportunities available? Cheesy Beards rules!

  46. Chris

    That girl who does you website stuff? Smokin’ hot.

  47. Jamie V

    I would love to do advertisment photography for Cheesy Beards :) Codex lets talk!

  48. ImHImThePirate

    ARG This site be awesome GAR……!!!!

  49. Wilbur

    I happened by your establishment purely by chance. . . I won’t make that mistake again.

  50. Lloyd

    Is there potential for advancement of the Cheesybeard commodities trade? Selling asparrragus burgers in exchange for bad puns is barely, if ever profitable.

  51. Mimajay

    Can I just point out that a squid is not technically a vegetable, and is not normally served as a salad, Its also usually a bit less raw and doesn’t normally try to crawl off the plate and into you lap. Thus my suprise when it was placed in front of me, I hope you can forgive my over-reaction and if you write off the damages resulting from the unfortunate fracas which followed, I will go quietly back to the UK and have my injuries treated with no more said on the matter. To end on a positive note the dressing appeared to be very inventive. Is it meant to glow quite that colour or is it to help the squid to orientate in the ambient light?

  52. Emagine Internet Marketing

    Greetings Cheesy Beards Inc.! I represent Emagine Internet Marketing, an advertising company that specializes in getting small businesses large results via digital and traditional marketing methods. No offense to your current web designer, (one Cyd Sherman, I believe) but your current site could benefit from our extensive expertise. With our help, you could take Cheesy Beards global! Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’ve done with other small businesses to grow their online presence. Oh, and by the way, I learned while researching your business and website that your current webmaster spends most of her time at work playing a massively multiplayer online game, one that I couldn’t quite identify.

  53. ShoTheDragon

    Everytime I eat at Cheesy Beards I feel like I just got blindsided by a group of Protoss Void Rays.. Do you have any idea how much that sucks?!

  54. Adam

    That long haired, emo looking boy spit in some red head’s lemonade. It was gross.

  55. Excimer

    Aaargh ye ready to be seasick?
    Worse date place ever.

    Been going with my girl Chelsea for nearly a year and we were driving by and desperate for something to eat. So I ordered the Aarghburger and Chelsea had the Veggie Jones’ Locker. Well my order came extra charcoal crispy not medium like I asked, and when I complained to the waitress she roles her eyes and thenturns to my girl and says “Honey, you can do a lot better than this guy.” The next night, I’m going to pick up my girl and I see her leaving her house wearing our panda suit and getting into the back of a windowless white van. What the hell??? I’m never coming back!

    Well maybe on Fridays the Garrrrrrrrrlic fries cause they were really good

  56. Pigsflew

    Nice wordpress theme, Cheeseybeards crew! I think perhaps you should look at modifying one from wpthemeparks or something though :)

  57. Lirrink

    I had the soggy-dog and the garrrlic fries, and wasn’t too long till I was on a road that had a shiny demon in the middle of it, and then a crazy middle-aged white guy in green armor charged at me saying I spoiled his cabbage…

    After that experience I will be a return customer! Like now, I need more food, from you guys…

  58. Scott

    I had an Aarghburger at Cheesy Beards, and I left with my own Cheesy Beard. I am impressed.

  59. Cub

    Well.. while the food was less than expected.. Imust admit the service was what stood out… Where was everyone!?!? If I had to guess, it seemed like everyone was pressed into service in the Kitchen like lil powder monkeys… Still, the food that hair netted SCAdian kid made a heck of a burger…
    The red head that they seemed locked up in the office seemed nice… shame that she didnt come out of the office to smile. More smiling faces would have made the visit complete…

    Three out of five stars!!!!!!

  60. Captain Gwyn

    Loved the garlic fries, should keep those Twilight fans at bay! In the meantime it would have been nice to have some thematic music, like this jolly lad for instance…

  61. Sarah

    I think it would help your business if you guys didn’t have such sporadic hours–like, being open at 7 AM may not be the best choice for a burger joint. Maybe just 12-12 would be good–and what’s with being open 2 and 1/2 hours on Sunday? O_o Soooo…just some advice. And tell the red head I totally play on the same server she does!

  62. T. M.

    Just had to stop by and show some love, and use the restrooms. Some one needs to clean up in there. Next time I am staying away from the Chili. Cheers!

  63. Gareth

    Puke never smelled so garlicy!

  64. Julie

    Put the red head on the floor and I know some people that will come pay just to watch her walk around.

  65. Adrienne C

    I do wish I lived close to Cheesy Beards, I would definitely check it out. The pirate theme is so cute. Oh, why the haters on comic sans? It’s such a fun font, maybe you can try Papyrus instead.

  66. V0L4T1LE

    I have been going to this establishment for a few days repeatedly at exactly noon to order their horribly unsanitary food just to get a glimpse of that beautiful redhead whenever she walks out of the office.

    So enchanting she takes my breath away (or maybe its the food) but she should be a princess not some number cruncher. If only I had something to offer a girl like that but alas I am humble Electronics Engineer who spends his time playing video games and using his many powerful supercomputers to program robots and build prototype exosuits.

    Maybe if I was to come into the store in a full combat Exosuit she might find me appealing atleast until I take off the mask that is.

  67. Mike L

    Argh you laughing now? Not after the giant squid salad! But the Syphilis and Scallops are worth walking the plank for!

  68. Vork

    CODEX! I need an update on your gold earnings for our guild hall, stat!
    By the way, if there is any food that is to be disposed of at the close of your shift, please collect it in a sanitary food receptacle and deposit it with Zaboo.

  69. FauxChick

    This food is disgusting Codex. Leave my man alone wench!

  70. spinach

    I hope to meet Vork one day, we have so much in common. That would require leaving the rent-free former crackhouse I stay in. Creepybeards is not good and I want to punch the cook in his Bieber-ific face!

  71. MiniAngel

    *Poke* -from the Pirates of the Plains (WoW).

  72. Magenta

    I would totally love to try food at cheesybeards but I can’t seem to get away from my computer for that long. I .<

  73. Magenta

    Props to the web master for making it to wear I couldn’t less then 3 my atitd friends. lol. I’ve spent too much time away from atitd, miss my guildies! Back to my own guild, PKURF4LX!

  74. Dakota!

    Yuck… I ate here and my burger was burned to a crisp? Get your BOOTY off the interwebs and learn to cook.

    With Love!

  75. Aveen

    The only way Cheesy Beards could become a decent place is if Codex takes over as a hot female pirate. She could totally make Cheesy Beard and that looser in the kitchen walk the plank!

  76. Carlos Z

    MOTHERFUCKINGDICKWALLSHITS you food is the shit you need to liquidity this shit put it in syringes and send it to Africa to cure the aids epidemic it’s that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  77. Walter

    This is the place where the Hoff gets his burgers.

  78. Aerron

    I think the commercial completely sums up my experience at Crappy-Beards.

    Oh, and the Soggy Dog tasted like it was boiled in gym socks.

  79. Debby

    I noticed that the website is “Proudly Powered by Cyd Sherman” Will you do my website too??

  80. Blightana

    Now I want to come to port, just to visit “Cheesy Beards”, but me ship’s gotta leak and I needs to find more tar to patch. That will blow my whole budget unless ya sell tar too (at a reasonable exchange rate). Shiver me timbers, gotta go, the pump man just died. I don’t want to sink.

  81. donth77

    Cyd Sherman, you desperately need to take some web page design classes immediately. I already found one for you:

    Only $220 for 8 weeks. Maybe sell that broken computer of yours for the money. By the way, I’ve been to the restaurant and I enjoyed the garlic fries very much. Too bad you didn’t invent them.

  82. Mary

    Mmmmm … crinkle fries! :-)

  83. Tevye

    my friends and I went to cheesy beards when we were visiting the city for the first time. At first glance the menu options initially scared one of my friends but we insisted on eating there. We tried the peg leg mac and cheese as the opening entree and we quickly realized we were trying a very uniquely prepared platter. We then had the squid salad. Normally that would freak most people out but we’re pretty cultured and it was delicious-kinda like sushi except raw as nature intended. The soggy dog was what caught my eye and I was amazed to see it was in fact soggy, almost slimy. By now the other people sitting alongside me were starting to feel sick from our main plates but I kept on. To avoid scurvy we ordered the oranges as our sides. Once we left we spent the rest of our vacation in the hospital getting our stomachs pumped. But I’d go again 3 of 10 stars. Great site btw

  84. Skylar

    This website sucks! So does this sick food!

  85. Darcie

    I ordered The Special on my first, memorable trip to Cheesy Beards.

    I wanted to post on the website to let the staff know I have in fact made a full recovery after 5 months. I will definitely enjoy ordering The Special when I need to replace my esophagus again!

    Thank you Cheesy Beards!

  86. CDT Weasle

    Yarrggghhh. Indigestion is better than scurvy. That’s why all the fish come with lemon on em, right?? By the way, I don’t think I’ll be having the pirate paddy again. I stopped eating when I saw something move in it. I’d have appreciated a refund instead of a gift certificate. Oh, and the guy in the back with the long hair spit in my food. I saw him.

  87. Jonny Lee

    Yarrrggh… this made me have the shits more than walking the plank…. I wub these garl

  88. arkibet

    Would you guys ever offer free WiFi? If so, then it would be the perfect hangout to eat and raid!

  89. Thaddeus

    All I can say is that the garlic fries are the bomb!! It’s why I keep coming back. Of course, I’ve started breaking out and gained a little weight… my girlfriend won’t sleep in the same bed because I smell like garlic..but keep up the good work.. more garlic fries!!!

  90. Heather

    Avast! Did ye know it be Talk Like a Pirate Day? Ye missed a grand marketin’ and PR opportunity. Aye. Be it possible to have a free order o’ garlic fries? Gar!

  91. notbladezz69


  92. Scott

    Today was my birthday. Came in for a burger. It had hairs in it. Other than that, it was very good. Oh and the fries.

  93. Justin Hopkins

    Love the resteraunt!! that new girl who works in the back, the red head, is super cute.

  94. B.E. Nelson

    Yo Ho Ho will hear from my lawyer.

  95. sexywrm

    lol… can i get a cheesy beard shirt?

  96. lindax

    I’m sure you pwn the Krusty Krab.

  97. Drew

    Any plans to bring this franchise to the Uk, i think our high streets could benifit from a place like Cheesey beards!

  98. Challia

    Zomg what a lame domain name! but those burgers sure look good.

  99. Roland Z. Hayes

    Looking forward to the Smoked Meat Special…Yum!

  100. Patty

    I had your strawberry Daiquiri, and I grew a second, evil head.


  101. Jarjar

    Oh, no! I just heard a rumor that Cheesybeards burned down! Where do I get my Saucy Wenches now?

  102. Potionmaker - Arathor

    As a connoisseur of palatable delights, I must say, Cheesy Beards offers an unusual, yet interestingly edible fare. Pirate’s Hats off to the handsome, young, longhaired netted cook in the galley! ARRRRR

  103. Zarenth

    i actually wish i heard of this place before the festival of the sea.. uh festival. too bad that pirate kid had to go and catch it on-fire. was looking forward to bring my family here.

    i give cheesy beards 4 stars, for whats its worth now.

  104. Kuon

    Hey I like the new charred decor and the smokey smell.

  105. Thug Aim

    This website is appealing as Goatse. Seriously, someone clean this shit up. I can’t bear to look anymore…

    Also, say my name five times fast.

  106. Kenzie

    The garrrlic fries keep bringing me back to old Cheesy Beards, but what is with the blatant price gouging on the cheese?! It’s criminal!

  107. Dean

    At least the fire seems to have killed off the local fauna. I think it’s safe to go in the men’s restroom again now.

  108. Luigi Islam

    The Forex Crescendo EA is the coolest EA I have ever personally traded live, and I have no reserve in recommending it to you.

  109. Jesse P

    okay let me say i <3 you codex! the character.. felicia youre probally a bee itch in real life =o although you are a cutie, with some of the cutest breast ive ever seen, and umm .. this website was clever, love the webshow, umm.. i think you guys tried to hard though kinda cuts down on the funny.. like anyone ever tell you a joke you chuckle but didnt crack up so they started explaining it to you kinda kills the joke and makes you feel stupid for laughing in the first place.. so that i blend in with the other idiots lolz poopy brown webpage ewww grosque menue harharargh! burger with a cutlass and pirate eye and limbs roflmfsaolrisf.

  110. Lizzy W

    Thank the heavens above that all I ordered was the garrrrrrrrrlic fries and a water. The fries certainly weren’t amazimg, but they did happen to be passable. Barely. But I would NOT even touch the water. I swear, it must’ve been bilge water! And the ice was filled with who knows what. Ugh.

    My poor beau, on the other hand, is a red meat lover, and he ordered the aarghburger. Well, he might become a vegan after eating that disgusting piece of work pretending to be a burger. He has been sick ALL week! Why hasn’t anyone called the health inspector or something yet?

    My recommendation? Simple. Forget this place ever existed. You’ll be much better off that way.

  111. Dean

    Did you guys know there’s a cripple begging for food at the bottom of the stairwell? I’ve been giving him garlic fries for weeks now, but he’s starting to smell. And I don’t mean like garlic.

  112. Matt Barnes

    I saw the commercial and the youtube video of that kid and came to Cheesybeards because I thought it would be ironic and filled with hipster chicks of easy virtue. That was an error. I ordered a Booty Burger. While I was waiting, the waitress came out and tried to serve another patron a burger. I saw him pick it up, look at it, smell it, and then reject it because it was really burnt and looked like it had been sitting on the floor for an hour. Instead of taking it back to the kitchen she tried serving it to me! When I wouldn’t bite she went to the kitchen and there was a lot of yelling in there.

    Also I think the head pirate guy is faking being handicapped which is so not cool.

  113. Jeremy Bowes

    I love Cheesybeards!

  114. Michael Geer

    If it weren’t for Cheesybeards I would die from malnutrition.
    Thanks Cheesybeards!

  115. scutter

    i don’t ever want to taste your patty again, staph infection of the tongue :/

  116. Capo

    Even though they burned down, there’s a guy with a hook near the rubble still willing to serve garrrrrlic fries.

  117. MathsVlog

    Epic’d :D


  118. notbladezz69


  119. Brick

    This food is wizard! Heck yes!

  120. David Mason

  121. Addie

    Sleepy-looking feather-haired kid couldn’t cook a burger if he tried. And my dessert fries were just regular fries with chocolate sauce on them! This restaurant oughtta walk the plank.

  122. Drianko

    So, I just found out that the Sleepy-looking feather-haired greasy kid who “works” here killed my lil brother in game, so I would like to challenge him on a 1 on 1 pvp match! rogue vs rogue, if he has the stones…

  123. Afendra

    This is the most amazing use of someones time, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Becky

    I ate the Soggy Dog and now my leg feels like it’s made of wood… Is that normal?

  125. Phil Peretti

    If your girl friend won’t kiss you after you eat garlic fries, it’s time for a new girl friend.

  126. Jaye

    I think I’d come just to see Bladezz…

  127. Well.

    Horrible food served by a sleepy looking feather-haired kid.

  128. Matt

    LOL. I love Finn Smoulders too xD

  129. Hoquesha

    Wait this place is real

  130. Janbayzo

    My WoW account is down at the moment :( and my wife pointed in the direction of the guild website! to ease my withdrawal. A bad day got better, loved it and p.s. when I leave the Army can I get a job at cheesy beards? I’ll work for scraps off the floor lol

  131. Chris


  132. Callie

    I’d like to in your endo, Bladezz.

  133. Liz

    Wait its the place real? Cause if so i be going there for Bladezz XD

  134. Captain Crash

    Taste my Pirate Patties.

  135. joe

    There was a fly in my cheese………. Other than that it was amazing.

  136. John Smith

    The food gave me strange dreams that I had two hearts and travel through space and time in a blue box. Maybe Nurse Redfern can help me…

  137. Matt

    That pu-pu platter shivered me timbers…

  138. Franny

    Do you have vegetarian patties to taste? :D

  139. Shirley Hour

    I was perusing The Guild on Facebook, clicked on Info, skimmed through the websites, and saw this link. Not believing my eyes, I clicked on it and found myself here. On the Homepage, I started laughing so hard I fell off a piano bench.

    After recovering, I started to click on the links to the side. Lo and behold, I find the menu. MMM, if those names don’t make you hungry, I don’t know what does!

  140. Mike K.

    Hahaha! Absolutely freaking hilarious! Thanks for all the laughs while I grind out the last few days of this awful day job. I love you guys :)

  141. Samwise

    Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, great food!

  142. Anahid

    Was able to log onto your wifi for my raid (I was driving around in my van looking for internet…), and I didn’t really notice what I was eating. Except it sort of looked like something I make with my level 180 cooking skill…

  143. ScottWired

    I was recently trying to burglarise your restaurant but got bitten by the cat-sized rat that lives in the greasetrap that hasn’t been emptied for 32 years. The flesh eating virus is crawling towards my knees…

  144. Jessica A

    Me and my boyfriend caught a cold while working there, Kinda sad, you know! :(

  145. chuck


  146. Gava

    I love Cheesybeards! This restaurant is the BEST!

  147. Wickedmoose

    I want a shirt so badly. Only size small in men’s left though. :(

  148. Paulgasm

    Want to know why my roger is so- SHIT!.. Jolly?!

  149. Mike

    The owner is an actual pirate. That hook is real. I wasn’t sure of the etiquette of how to ask, but it’s real!

  150. ShoKill

    ^— TLDR

  151. Alek

    The restaurant smelled like smoke and brimstone, the decor gave me a headache, the food tasted like a public telephone, and I lost one of my shoes in an attempt to use the men’s room. I was badly frightened the entire time I was there, my date stood me up, and the feather head kid flipped me off.
    All in all, the best restaurant I’ve been to in some time.

  152. Spiffers

    According to Google, the Matt Hooker guy above was convicted of stalking Nicole Kidman. He also tried suing her for $373 million before that. They should have made him walk the plank, arrrrrrrrr!

  153. Melody

    I just want to know — what do you use in the sauce?! MY GOD!

  154. Emily G.

    I got a Booty Burger and some Shiver me Taters about a month ago; not only was it the BEST burger iv’e had, but I recommended it to all my friends. I didn’t plan my budget for an outing this month, but wait till October, I’ll be back.

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