Cheesy Beards


*Menu is subject to change, not all items listed



The Special – Don’t ask…



Pu-Pu Deck Platter
Peg-Leg Mac and Cheese
Syphilis and Scallops
Cracker (Customer want a cracker?)
Chicken Me Tenders



Massive squids!
Giant Squid Salad


Main Dishes


Burgers Ahoy!

Booty Burger
Booty Burger
Below Decks Burger
Soggy Dog



Blackbeard’s Secret Recipe Chicken: (The secret is it’s not chicken. Polly want to be dinner?)
Chicken of the Sea (Tuna Sandwich or Tuna Salad)
Saucy Wench (smothered chicken breast in homemade gravy)



Pegleg Pasta with Cannon Balls (it’s okay, it’s just meat)
Three Sheeps to the Wind (Lamb dish)
Walking the Flank (flank steak)
Avast me meaty! (a big hunk of meat)
Prepare to be Loaded (42 oz. steak, if you finish it, it’s free!)



Batter down the Halibut
Davy Jones’ Lobster
Crabs Ahoy!
Sea’s Bounty (Shrimp in cocktail sauce) Due to an incident this is currently not served.
Shark Bait Stew



Land lover (veggie plate)
Veggie Jones’ Locker


Side Dishes

Garrrrrrrlic Fries!
Garrrrrrrrrlic fries
Scurvy Fries
Shiver Me Taters
The Dark Sea (Chocolate Pudding)
Oranges (no need for explanation: it’s just to avoid scurvy)
Side of cucumber (A whole cucumber! As a side dish! What other restaurant serves that? None!)



Bluebeardy Pie



Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Yum
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